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יחידת איוורור ANTEC PRIZM MATRIX

יצרן: ANTEC
מק"ט: 0761345775182
249.00₪כולל מע"מ
Prizm Cooling Matrix is the first of its kind in the performance PC market. Unlike conventional case fans, Prizm Cooling Matrix is a completely innovative, single bracket dual-fan housing assembly with two 120 mm fans connected simultaneously.
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Model Name Prizm Cooling Matrix
Fan Type  PWM Fan
Dimensions (mm) 240 x 130 x 26mm
Bearing Type Hydraulic
Fan Speed (RPM) 500 mini./1000/1800 max.
Airflow (CFM) 21.7 mini./43.53/77.2 max.
Air Pressure (mmH2O) 0.15 mini./0.6/1.83 max.
Fan Noise Level (dBA) under 15.6/18.1/32.9 max.
Lifespan 45000 hours
Connector Fan: 4 pin ; ARGB: 3 pin
Rated Voltage FAN: DC12V ; LED: DC5V
Operating Voltage FAN: DC7~13.8V; LED: DC4.5-5.3V
Rated Current (A) FAN: 0.45A ; LED: 0.55A
Fan Control Box ARGB port x 5, PWM fan port x 5, 
SATA, Mode, External LED CTRL, 
M/B Sync, LED Speed
Net Weight 0.35 Kgs
Gross Weight 0.6 Kgs
Warranty  2 years
UPC# 0-761345-77518-2
Package Size 295 x 170 x 75 mm (DWH)