מסך HP M32F FHD


מסך HP M32F FHD


מסך HP M32F FHD

Lose yourself in the picture-perfect immersion of this massive canvas, designed to redefine comfort, wellness, and sustainability


. Play, work, or simply stare into the new definition of high definition.

מסך HP M32F FHD

The New Definition of High Definition

This FHD display feels as good as it looks, packing 99% sRGB color gamut for color accuracy and Freesync to keep your eyes up to speed with your imagination



Looks Good, Feels Good, Does Good

Increase viewing comfort with Eyesafe technology that doesn’t sacrifice color quality. Monitor designed with sustainability in mind with 85% recycled materials and packaged in recycled materials


. Doing good never looked so good.

Streamlined & Seamless

Streamline your setup with its slim profile, innovative cable containment, and seamless design for side-by-side screens.

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